Frequently Asked Questions

When is my research work order ending? 

View your research work order details including the expected end date and unspent budget to date via the Research Dashboard in the Power BI Finance – Campus Reports “App” at

How is overhead calculated? 

Refer to the Overhead webpage for details on Policy 26, rates, and calculations.

How do I transfer expenses from one work order to another? 

Refer to ‘Expense transfers or corrections to research work orders’ under Monitoring Research Work Orders.

How are grants transferred between institutions? 

Grant funds are transferred through an Inter-Institutional Agreement. Refer to Transferring Funds for more information and contacts.

How can I delegate signing authority on a research work order? 

Signing authority may be delegated on a research work order by completing the University of Waterloo Signing Authorization form. For more information on signing authority refer to the Guideline on signing authority on research accounts.

How do I know when my new research work order has been opened? 

You will receive a Work Order Notification email when your new research work order is active. For more information refer to Getting a research work order.

Does the budget in Unit4 represent my whole grant? 

Refer to ‘Budget information’ under Monitoring Research Work Orders.

Who is responsible for completing the financial reporting on my research grant? 

All external research financial reporting is coordinated and completed by the Research Finance team, with input from researchers as applicable.

How can I see who has been paid from my research work order? 

View payroll and scholarship details for your research work orders via the Power BI Finance – Campus Reports “App” at

What do I do if I want to sell an asset bought with research funds? 

Refer to Policy 74.