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Overhead provides cost recovery (direct and indirect) of sponsored research activities to the University of Waterloo.

Rates and methods of application vary as follows:

Overhead Rates*
Category On campus rate Rate applies to
Standard rate (including industry) 30%


NIH (National Institutes of Health) 8% TDC less equipment
Non-profit sponsors 30% or sponsor's limit varies
OCE (Ontario Centres of Excellence)

Depends on program, contact Jennifer Ranford

ORF-RE (Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence)



PWGSC (Public Works & Government Services Canada) contracts

65% salaries/
30% students
2% travel
Tri-Agency (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) including NCE (Networks of Centres of Excellence)*** 0% not applicable

US Government contracts (*May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2017)

34.70% salaries/ benefits

*Effective October 24, 2014, except as noted

**TDC = Total Direct Costs: as shown, unless otherwise stated in the funding program guidelines

***Tri-Agency pays a percentage directly to the institution through the Research Support Fund, a grant held by the institution's President

Contact our staff to discuss off-campus rates.

For more information, see Policy 26 - Provision for University Overhead in Sponsored Research Activities (grants, contracts, and other research support).