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Confidentiality agreement and declaration of non-disclosure

Researchers are responsible for the confidentiality of the information collected in their study.

If there is an interpreter, transcriber, research assistant who is involved in data collection or is privy to confidential information, the researcher should require the person to sign a confidentiality statement. A research group or lab may want to consider requesting all students, staff, and faculty sign a declaration of non-disclosure.

Sample confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure form

Clinical trial agreement

Waterloo researchers looking to obtain a copy of the Waterloo model multi-site clinical trials agreement when Waterloo is the sponsor contact Leslie Copp, Director, Funding Agencies and Non-profit sponsors, Office of Research, ext. 36040.

Health status form

Participant exclusion criteria may need to be considered due to, for example, physiological, psychological, emotional, and social risks/stressors related to a study’s procedures. A health status form may need to be used in these situations and tailored to the researcher’s study.

Sample health status form