Property management and insurance


Mandatory/key compliance obligations

For a Waterloo request, follow the instructions to submit a Certificate of Insurance Request Form. The instructions can be found in the comprehensive general liability section. University and third party certificates of insurance typically need to be renewed annually, for the length of the agreement with the third party.

Waterloo policy, procedure or guideline

All employees (including, without limitation, senior administration) are responsible for day-to-day risk management, control and reporting within the scope of their employment responsibilities, and as directed by the senior administrator (or his/her delegate) to whom they report.

Each senior administrator or his/her respective delegates are responsible for developing and implementing business processes, controls and operating policies, consistent with this policy, to manage risk within his/her areas of responsibility Policy 11 – Risk Management.

University property is insured against accidental loss or damage, and provides protection to all members of the University against third party liability claims arising from University related activities.

Who can help?

Insurance Manager, Finance Department


Mandatory/key compliance obligations

Consider whether you need to make arrangements to cover replacement animal costs should this be necessary. Waterloo insurance policies may have exclusions or deductibles (e.g. a general liability deductible), so researchers may need to pay for minor expenses or claims from research accounts. If Waterloo is the sponsor of a clinical trial, researchers should clarify that appropriate insurance coverage is in place to handle necessary indemnification and claims. Claims which arise from researcher malpractice and negligence may not be covered under insurance coverage provided by Waterloo. Consult with the Waterloo insurance manager in these situations.

Waterloo policy, procedure or guideline

The University insures its remaining risks with commercial insurers and has a number of policies covering auto, boiler and machinery, environmental pollution, travel accident, and non-owned aircraft.

The Waterloo property insurance policy excludes animals used in research.

External policy/requirements

(Note: the requirements below only apply to clinical research involving human participants)

5.8.1 If required by the applicable regulatory requirements, the sponsor should provide insurance or should indemnify (legal and financial coverage) the investigator/the institution against claims arising from the trial, except for claims that arise from malpractice and/or negligence

5.8.2 The sponsor's policies and procedures should address the costs of treatment of trial subjects in the event of trial-related injuries in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirement

5.8.3 When trial subjects receive compensation, the method and manner of compensation should comply with applicable regulatory requirements (ICH-GCP – E6)

Who can help?

Insurance Manager - Finance Department