Renovations support labs in the Faculty of Environment

The Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund has provided the Faculty of Environment with the ability to renovate three rooms in Environment 1 (EV1) and Environment 2 (EV2).

One of the renovated rooms is EV1’s room 351, where the Geographies of Health in Place (GoHelP) lab operates. The lab space is occupied by Susan Elliott, Jennifer Dean, and Leia Minaker, who belong to the faculty’s Health Cluster of Researchers.

Renovations included upgraded lighting, new furniture, lockable cabinets, and sound absorption features, plus 19 new desks, allowing discussion among researchers, students, and staff to occur without disturbance to others, as well as a cleaner, more efficient look to the room.

Another room that underwent renovations is EV1’s room 352. This room is used by the Transportation Research Cluster which includes Jean Andrey, Jeffrey Casello, Clarence Woudsma, and Suzanne Kearns. Renovations included upgraded lighting, new furniture, and 12 additional desks, where students will have more space to work with better lighting.

Finally, EV2’s room 1002B was upgraded with new furniture. This room is used by the Environmental Informatics and Geomatics Research Cluster which includes Robert Fieck, Peter Johnson, and Jonathan Li.

November, 2017