Why become a member?

    • The UWSA works on your behalf to advocate for improvements in employment policies, benefits, compensation, and other organizational issues.
    • If you are experiencing difficulties or challenges on campus, the UWSA has qualified and experienced staff that can help you navigate the situation.
    • Members have full voting privileges in elections and on matters brought before the general membership and are eligible to serve on the UWSA board of directors.
    • Only members have access to our corporate and local business discounts.
    • Only members are eligible to represent staff on many UWSA and University committees.


    • Membership is available to all University of Waterloo staff who are assigned a USG grade
    • As of October 26, 2022, all new employees are members and pay UWSA dues, as per MoA Section 2.7.5. 
    • Staff hired before October 26, 2022, are eligible to join and pay the associated dues (or to resign membership in the Association). Complete this form to join.
    • Staff working at the Affiliated and Federated Institutions are not eligible for UWSA membership. 

    How to become a member

    We encourage all staff hired before October 28, 2022, to join with your fellow Waterloo staff as members of your association.

    When you join, UWSA dues will be deducted from your paycheque. UWSA dues are just 0.28% of your salary. 

    Complete the online Membership Application form. You'll receive a welcome email and a membership card within a few days.

    How to know if you're already a member

    If you receive emails from us, you're a member! You can also check your latest payslip in Workday to see if your deductions include "Staff Association Fees."