• Eligibility Membership is available to all University of Waterloo Support Staff whose appointment is to exceed four months and is not represented by a union.
  • Staff working at Affiliated Colleges are not eligible for UWSA membership. 

Why become a member?

  • The University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) has been the voice of staff since 1975.
  • Members have full voting privileges on matters brought before the general membership for a vote and are eligible to serve on the UWSA board of directors (board).
  • The UWSA has experience working for and with Waterloo staff.
  • The UWSA works with Waterloo's Senior Administration on policies that govern staff employment, benefits, compensation, and other organizational issues.
  • If a staff member is experiencing difficulties or challenges on campus, the UWSA has qualified and experienced staff that can help improve the situation.
  • There are corporate partner and local business discounts for UWSA members.

How to become a member

We encourage you to join with your fellow Waterloo staff who are members of your association: University of Waterloo Staff Association.

It's simple! Complete the Membership Application form or scan and sign the Membership Application (PDF) and email it to Catherine Bolger. 

Members will receive a welcome confirmattion email, and be sent a membership card by email with the subject line, "Your [YEAR] UWSA membership card".

Join us...

Keep up to date with UWSA activities and connect with other members.

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