• Eligibility Membership is available to all University of Waterloo Support Staff whose appointment is to exceed four months and is not represented by a union.
  • Staff working at Affiliated Colleges are not eligible for UWSA membership. 

Why become a member?

  • The University of Waterloo Staff Association (UWSA) has been the voice of staff since 1975.
  • Members have full voting privileges on matters brought before the general membership for a vote and are eligible to serve on the UWSA board of directors (board).
  • The UWSA has experience working for and with Waterloo staff.
  • The UWSA works with Waterloo's Senior Administration on policies that govern staff employment, benefits, compensation, and other organizational issues.
  • If a staff member is experiencing difficulties or challenges on campus, the UWSA has qualified and experienced staff that can help improve the situation.
  • There are corporate partner and local business discounts for UWSA members.

How to become a member

We encourage you to join with your fellow Waterloo staff who are members of your association: University of Waterloo Staff Association.

It's simple! Complete the Membership Application form or scan and sign the Membership Application (PDF) and email it to Communications and Administrative Assistant Catherine Bolger. 

Members will receive a welcome confirmattion email, and be sent a membership card by email with the subject line, "Your [YEAR] UWSA membership card".

Join us...

Keep up to date with UWSA activities and connect with other members.

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