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Adulting 101

University life can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the new responsibilities and expectations, but it’s also really exciting. It’s an opportunity to take steps towards the person you’ll become after graduation and learn new life skills along the way.

You’ve probably already started to notice that things won’t get done unless you do them. From managing your finances, grocery shopping, keeping your laundry whites... white, staying organized, there are a lot of important life skills you might have wished you learned sooner. 

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Skill #1: Prioritize your mental and physical self 

Taking care of yourself not only involves new responsibilities but recognizing the importance of maintaining your mental health and well-being. Listen to what your body needs.

Taking proactive steps to care for your health.

Did you know that AccessAbility Services offers academic accommodations, such as classroom and testing accommodations, to students with known or suspected disabilities and disabling conditions (e.g. mental health disability, injuries, medical conditions, impacts of trauma)? If you believe you may require academic accommodations, register with AccessAbility Services. 

Recognizing when you need a break.

Adulthood can bring increased demands, so setting boundaries and taking care of yourself will help you be your best self. Small changes can have a big impact on building a healthy routine. Consider making time for sleep, socializing with others, moving your body and maintaining a work life balance. 

Maintaining healthy relationships.

Checking in with yourself and those around you is a key part of adulting. Changes and transitions can be difficult, so it’s important to take care of yourself and your mental health. Remember, if you or someone you know is needs support contact Campus Wellness, Counselling Services. 

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Skill #2: Learn new responsibilities

You may find yourself having to take on a bunch of new responsibilities to make your day-to-day life run a lot smoother. Learning lifelong skills will help build your independence now and prepare you for what comes next!  

Prioritizing healthy eating:

What we eat influences our physical and mental wellness and can impact success. Learning some nutrition basics can help you have more energy and stay healthy. Be sure to schedule nutritional breaks for yourself, especially during exam season. Learn about kitchen and grocery resources to help you navigate the stores and your kitchen with a bit more ease. 

Maintaining your living space:

Living away from home or not, it’s important to learn how to keep your space functioning at its best. Have you ever had to troubleshoot toilet or sink issues? Living on your own, or with a roommate is a lot of fun, but sometimes it means maintaining a household and learning how to be a good roommate. Explore the different household maintence tips and some tips on how to have a positive relationship with your roommate

Skill #3: Explore personal growth

Taking charge of various aspects of your life, can mean learning about yourself and new life skills to make informed decisions that will impact your present and future. Understanding who you are, what your values and beliefs will help you to understand what really matters to you and help you to reach your goals.

Get familiar with supports:

Take advantage of the different resources available to help you reach your goals. Whether it’s to improve your study skills or establish leadership abilities, the Student Success Office will help you to develop lifelong skills. 

Learn about your skillset:

It’s also important to understand how you perform at your best. Find out your strengths and weaknesses in learning skills or book time with an upper-year Peer Success Coach. They can help you create a plan and strengthen your study skills. 

Organize yourself:

Grab a few things from WStore’s Warrior Reset list to get yourself organized. Making lists and staying organized can help prevent you from being overwhelmed and help you better navigate unexpected situations. 

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