Thrive Event in a Box

The Thrive Committee has developed a series of Thrive Events in a Box that you can pick up from Campus Wellness to help you host Thrive events in your unit or department. These events are meant to be relatively easy to run and have been developed with the goals of Thrive in mind.

Considerations for hosting your event

  • Time: What time is your going to be held? When is your target audience for the event frequently available?
  • Location: Will your event be in a central location that can draw foot traffic? Does your event need private space to allow individuals to participate fully?
  • Volunteers: Who will run your event? Do you have enough volunteers for the number of participants you are expecting?
  • Accessibility: Is your event accessible for all audiences? What can you do to ensure people of all abilities and backgrounds can attend?
  • Mental Health Supports: Is there a volunteer that will be at your event that has completed some level of mental health training? This is not a requirement, but can be helpful, in case a participant needs some support during your event.

Event ideas

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to focus on their wellness throughout the week with scavenger hunts that involve self care and time spent in nature. Feel free to share posts and pictures of yourself working on the scavenger hunt with hashtags #uwaterloosocls #uwaterloothrive. Have fun!

Fall scavenger hunt

  • Leaf with 3 different colours
  • Festive decoration (ex. Halloween, fall, Christmas)
  • Puddle
  • Insect (ex. spider, worm, ant)
  • Berries on a bush/tree
  • Leaf pile
  • 2 squirrels of different colours (ex. red squirrel and grey squirrel)
  • 2 different species of birds (ex. crow, cardinal, chickadee, woodpecker)

Wellness scavenger hunt

  • Warm beverage (ex. coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot apple cider)
  • Exercise (ex. bike ride, yoga, walk, workout)
  • Creative activity (ex. art, playing music, dancing, gardening)
  • Connecting with 2 different family or friends (ex. call, email, socially distanced gathering)
  • 2 different cleaning activities (ex. making one’s bed, washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming, emptying garbage, tidying work/study space)
  • 3 different relaxing/self-care activities (ex. reading, meditation, breathing exercise, watching TV/movie, warm bath, listening to music, petting/playing with a pet, skincare, playing a game)