Mental health training opportunities

Counselling Services offers a broad range of suicide intervention and mental health training programs. Our goals are to raise campus mental health awareness, reduce mental health stigma, and support early intervention for those in need within our Waterloo campus community.

Interested in having Counselling Services present a training to your faculty or group? Fill out our Training Request form. Please note that training requests are reviewed on Wednesdays, so there may be a delay in receiving a response depending on when you submit the request.

Note: Due to the high demand for these trainings, starting in Spring term 2019, there will be a no-show fee charged to registrants who sign up to attend and do not attend. If you are unable to make a training you've signed up for, you may cancel on your own.

Self Cancellation: 

Student: Log into GoSignMeUp, select the course you wish to unregister from. Click Drop/ Unregister.

Employees: Log into WorkDay, select the course you wish to unregister from. Click Drop.

Registering for future trainings: if you have unregistered and wish to enroll in a training at a later date, please visit this website to find the training schedule. If you do not see the schedule for the next term, please revisit this website from time to time to check the schedule.   

You may contact Kalpita Gaitonde in case of any further questions.