If you can't make it to a session in person, you can view a collection of our workshops and seminars online at any time. For a quick exercise, check out The big list of self-care and distraction activities (PDF).

Coping Skills - Challenging Thinking

In this seminar, you will learn to identify unhelpful thinking styles, challenge and modify unhelpful ways of thinking, and think in a more balanced way.

Transcript of Challenging Thinking Slides (PDF)

Challenging Thinking Handout (PDF)

Coping Skills - Cultivating Resiliency

In this seminar, you will learn to develop healthier self-care habits, motivate yourself after failure, and shift unhelpful mindsets.

Transcript of Cultivating Resiliency Slides (PDF)

Cultivating Resiliency Handout (PDF)

Coping Skills - Managing Emotions

In this seminar, you will learn how to manage your emotions through distress tolerance skills such as distraction, self-soothing, and improving the moment.

Transcript of Managing Emotions Slides (PDF)

Managing Emotions Handout (PDF)

Coping Skills - Strengthening Motivation

In this seminar, you will learn to be active in changing or overcoming obstacles, problems, or triggers; to identify and live in line with your values; behavioural activation; and problem solving.

Transcript of Strengthening Motivation Slides (PDF)

Strengthening Motivation Handout (PDF)

Stress Management

Transcript of Stress Management Slides (PDF)

Stress Management Handout (PDF)

Graduate Student Stress Management

Transcript of Graduate Student Stress Management Slides (PDF)

International Students and Mental Health

Transcript of International Students and Mental Health Slides (PDF)

Calming the Panic: Practical Skills to Reduce Anxiety

Learn facts about panic/anxiety attacks, common symptoms of panic attacks, and practical coping strategies for calming down your mind and body in our three part Calming the Panic series.

Transcript of Calming the Panic slides (PDF)

Part one

Part two

Part three

Sleeping Well

Learn information about the correlation between sleep and academic success, as well as tips for how to sleep well at university.

Transcription of Sleeping Well slides (PDF)

Relaxation exercises

If you'd like to complete the relaxation exercises from the seminars again, they are available as separate videos.

Managing Emotions guided imagery relaxation exercise

Cultivating Resiliency mindful breathing exercise

Challenging Thinking 4-7-8 breathing exercise

Strengthening Motivation progressive muscle relaxation

Calming the Panic 54321 exercise

 Calming the Panic Leaves on a Stream exercise

Progressive muscle relaxation

 Orientation to Wellness

Learn about what services are available to you on campus and tips for self-care while you are at university.

Transcript of Orientation to Wellness slides (PDF)