University of Waterloo Health Services Building

We are pleased to provide a report on our key service numbers and strategic initiatives.

Campus Wellness - Community Report 

May 2022 - April 2023

Campus Wellness publishes a community report each year to share information about client care and wellness promotion. This year’s report includes new sections discussing the Food Security Strategy Committee and enhancements we’ve made to our brief counselling program. To view a specific part of the report, click on the drop-down bar for that section.

16,748 appointments 4,127 clients

Cousnelling Services 

29,118 appointments 8,926 clients

Health Services
(Student & Family Clinic)

3,192appointments 598 clients

Specilazed Care

Campus Wellness offers a range of primary medical care and mental health services to support students at the University of Waterloo. Between May 2022 and April 2023, 4,127 clients accessed Counselling Services across 16,748 appointments. At Health Services, which includes both the student clininc and the family clinic, 8,926 clients were seen across 29,118 appointments. Specialized Care, which refers to psychiatry as well as our mental health nurse and social worker, saw 598 clients across 3,192 appointments.

Previous reports

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