Health Promotion Collaboration and Consultation

Our team members provide evaluation, research, and consultation on various projects and committees across campus.

Some of Our Projects

National College Health Assessment (NCHA) Survey

The NCHA survey is used by many post-secondary institutions to assess student health habits, behaviours and perceptions. University of Waterloo Campus Wellness conducted the National College Health Assessment Web survey (NCHA-WEB), with the help of the American College Health Association (ACHA) in 2013, 2016 and 2019. The results help us improve health programming, resources and student services on campus. Find out more information on the NCHA webpage.

Resiliency Working Group

The Resiliency Working Group is a cross-campus collaborative committee working towards satisfying recommendation 21 from the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health. This committee has completed a comprehensive literature review and internal and external environmental scans of existing resiliency programs and services. The committee is now working on several initiatives to support student resilience, including a resiliency campaign and a resiliency workshop as part of the Mental Health Literacy Certificate.


Mental Health Literacy Certificate 

Through collaboration and consultation with many partners across campus, a Mental Health Literacy Training Certificate is being designed as a result of recommendation 22 from the President’s Advisory Committee on Student Mental Health. This certificate is targeted towards faculty and staff on campus to increase our understanding of systemic barriers that impact someone’s mental health and improve our ability to respond empathetically to someone in distress while maintaining appropriate boundaries.

Wellness in the Classroom

In collaboration with campus partners, the Health Promotion team is in the early stages of investigating how the classroom can foster and encourage student wellbeing.


Wellness Space On Campus

In partnership with Athletics and Recreation, we are collaborating with partners across campus to establish wellness rooms and active spaces on campus. Thus far, there are active study desks in Dana Porter Library for student and employee use and we hope to expand the offerings across campus.

Canadian Health Promoting Campuses Network

To support Waterloo in their commitments to leading health promotion action and collaboration locally and globally, members of the Health Promotion team are involved in the Canadian Health Promoting Campuses Network. The network works to raise the profile of the health promoting universities and college, share best practices among members, and support other institutions in the adopting and actioning the Okanagan Charter. Waterloo is a co-chair of the network and has been a leader in delivering the Virtual Leadership Dialogue Series for leveraging the Okanagan Charter through the network.  


Wellness Collaborative

The health promotion team provides leadership to the Wellness Collaborative, which is the university-wide initiative to implement Waterloo’s commitments to the Okanagan Charter. Specifically, the team provides coordination to the Advisory Committee (PDF), which ensures communication, coordination and collaboration with all campus stakeholders to build on existing strengths and implement new evidence-based actions for holistic wellness at Waterloo. The team provides leadership to the Community of Practice (CoP), which is open to everyone at Waterloo who is interested in wellness. The CoP provides opportunities for networking, professional development and capacity building, consultation, and collaboration. Finally, the health promotion team also provides support to the priority areas of the Wellness Collaborative


Committee Membership

Health Promotion members sit on and provide consultation to groups, cross campus and community committees, and working groups; including:

  • PART
  • CoSMH
  • Healthy Workplace Committee
  • Faculty of Health Dean’s Advisory Committee on Health and Well-being
  • The Alliance
  • Resiliency Working Group 
  • Faculty of Health Strategic Plan

Past Evaluation Projects

  • Sexual Health Education and Messaging Evaluation
  • International Students and Wellness Evaluation