Goldi Gill

Executive Director, Campus Wellness


Goldi holds a Bachelor of Communications from Royal Roads, a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University as well as a PhD. in Business Psychology from the Chicago School of Psychology.

Jen Wilson, MA

Client Customer Service Supervisor

Jen Wilson is a Client Customer Service Supervisor at Campus Wellness, providing administrative supervision and support in Counselling Services. She has an MA from Simon Fraser University and a BA from the University of Guelph. Jen joined Campus Wellness in 2018,

Melissa Potwarka

Associate Director, Health Promotion


Profile photo of Melissa Strachan

Melissa Strachan

Associate Director, Counselling Services

Melissa (she/her) is the Associate Director, Counselling Services - Campus Wellness. She is a CIS-gendered woman with black & indigenous heritage. She enjoys singing, dancing, listening to audio books, cooking & connecting with others in community.