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Stephanie Massel

Administrative Officer

Stephanie Massel joined Campus Wellness in June 2021. As the Administrative Officer, she is responsible for the leadership of front-line administrative staff at all wellness sites, and management of the administrative procedures and processes of the wellness programs and service delivery systems. 


Associate Director, Health Promotion


Jen Wilson, MA

Client Customer Service Supervisor

Jen Wilson is a Client Customer Service Supervisor at Campus Wellness, providing administrative supervision and support in Counselling Services. She has an MA from Simon Fraser University and a BA from the University of Guelph. Jen joined Campus Wellness in 2018,

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Cheri Bilitz, MSW, RSW

Director, Counselling Services

As the Director of Counselling Services, Cheri strives to create a department that is inclusive, welcoming and meets the diverse needs of University of Waterloo students. Cheri enjoys working with her Campus Wellness partners and collaborating with others on-campus and within the community to best serve students. 

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Melissa Strachan

Associate Director, Counselling Services

Melissa (she/her) is the Associate Director, Counselling Services - Campus Wellness. She is a CIS-gendered woman with black & indigenous heritage. She enjoys singing, dancing, listening to audio books, cooking & connecting with others in community.

Laura Belben, MA, MSW, RSW

Counsellor Specializing in Indigenous Student Support

Laura is an Indigenous Woman of mixed ancestry with paternal Innu lineage. She is a member of the NunatuKavut Territory of Labrador. Laura has been on an incredible journey of healing that has focused on remembering and reclaiming who she is and her ancestral power.  

Goldi Gill

Executive Director, Campus Wellness


Goldi holds a Bachelor of Communications from Royal Roads, a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University as well as a PhD. in Business Psychology from the Chicago School of Psychology.

Roopinder Singh

Associate Director, Equity and Strategic Initiatives

Roopinder holds a Batchelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Toronto and worked in Public Health for over 30 years.

Roopinder has a background in evidence-informed health promotion with a strong belief in a client-centered and strength-based approach.

She has extensive experience in working with diverse and marginalized communities with a focus on youth, to support and advocate for better health outcomes.

In her spare time Roopinder loves to spend time with her family, give back to the community and watch the Toronto Blue Jays!