Learn to Run/Walk Mindfully. A virtual mindful running and walking program to help you to keep physically and mentally healthy

This group offers students, staff and faculty the opportunity to take a break, get outside, and run/walk using the basic principles of mindfulness (being present in a non-judgemental mindset). On this page you can access weekly mindful meditations to consider prior to each run/walk. All you have to do set the time aside to do it!


On your own time, whenever works for you!


Location is up to you. However, please make sure to practice social distancing while outdoors and choose routes that are less busy. 


All students, staff and faculty are welcome! No experience in mindfulness or running is necessary.

What do I need?

Weather-appropriate exercise clothes. Watch. Running shoes. Yourself. Your dog.

Weekly Reflections

About the Program Developer

Cassie Smith (MC, RP, CCC) is a Psychotherapist and is also a competitive ultramarathon runner (that means she likes to run really long distances of 50km or more!). In the past few years she’s been a member of the Canadian National Trail Team and has had the honour of representing Canada at the World Trail Championships for Ultrarunning.  While Cassie really enjoy competing, she mostly loves the whole running experience and finds that it is a great way to connect with her mind, body, and emotions while getting in some exercise and good old Vitamn D. She has found the running community to be one of the most positive, inspiring, and welcoming places to be, and her hope is that she will recruit you to share in that awesome experience with her! Happy Running!