Functional manager

What is a functional manager?

The functional manager is the person who has management authority within a business unit/department with direct supervision over one or more resources on the project/program team, and/or direct responsibility for the functions affected by or that affect the project/program deliverable(s). Functional managers reside within business units on campus.

What are the functional manager responsibilities?

  • Communicate changes to their resources’ availability to the project/program manager
  • Track project/program status and understand impacts to their resources and areas of responsibility
  • If directly responsible for function affected by or affecting deliverable(s)
    • Assists the project/program manager in providing leadership and achieving buy in for that function
    • Evaluate and assess overall effectiveness and quality of deliverable
    • Ensure performance of their function improved and cross-functional integration is working and effective
    • Participate in project/program decision-making, relevant to impact on the functions he/she is responsible for
    • Communicate with project/program manager on any changes to the project that affects the quality or scope of deliverable
    • Ensure appropriate requirements for the deliverable are communicated and understood
    • Participate in project/program risk and issue management with project/program manager, where required
  • If has direct supervision over one or more resources on the project/program team
    • Ensure their resources’ time is not over allocated between project/program work and other responsibilities
    • Decide which resources to allocate to project/program, ensuring allocated resources have the appropriate skills required for the project/program, or have the ability to acquire those skills
    • Understand the work required of his/her resource(s) on the project/program and any new skills they may acquire as a result of the project/program work
    • Ensure resources are available to the project/program, as originally promised
  • Handle any resource performance issues project/program manager brings forward


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