PMO Manager

What is a PMO Manager?

The Manager of the Project Management Office, VPAF, is responsible for the management and advancement of project and program management. The Manager PMO performs research, makes appropriate recommendations, ensures alignment of IT efforts, ensures best practices, serves as a senior resource to the VPAF and the campus, provides expertise, promotes external partnerships, and supervises senior Project and Program Managers assigned to programs and projects.


What are the Manager PMO responsibilities towards my program/project?

  • Accountable for program and project management methodology to be used for projects/programs
  • Accountable for project/program health checks
  • Provides skilled Project/Program Managers, when applicable, and monitors their performance
  • Provides guidance and advice towards project/program deliverables, issues, processes, and risks
  • Assesses project/program size and complexity
  • Monitors project/program performance for projects/programs within PMO responsibility
  • Ensures project/program management artifacts appropriately signed and entered into applicable repositories
  • Assigns facilitators for lessons learned and project/program closure


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