Program business change manager

What is a program business change manager?

The program business change manager is responsible for managing the business side of the organizational change that is being delivered by the program, by preparing the business for the change, introducing the change to the business, determining and measuring benefits, and monitoring the business environment through the transition and after.

How do I define who the program business change manager should be?

Choose a business change manager who:

  • has a strategic and benefit focus
  • possesses strong business management skills
  • is a strong leader, able to create, share and motivate towards a vision
  • is a skilled change agent, able to handle broad change with incremental benefit realization
  • is comfortable communicating at all levels of the organization
  • has or will be able to obtain respect through all levels of the organization
  • possesses very strong conflict resolution skills
  • is comfortable working in an uncertain environment where all of the details are not always available
  • has a constant risk and benefit management mind-set
  • is able to act quickly
  • is able to listen effectively and empathize

What are the program business change manager responsibilities?

  • Focus on realizing the change(s) the program will bring about
  • Prepare the operational environment for the change
  • Contribute to Benefits Management strategy
  • Realize and measure benefits delivered by the program
  • Monitor business stability for the change
  • Ensure business stability during transition
  • Optimize the timing of output delivery and transition activities with the program manager
  • Ensure no double counting of benefits


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