Sponsor checklist

Own the outcome. 

  • Do you have a clear definition of what change must occur and why?
  • Are you leading the change and committing resources towards the change?
  • Are you demonstrating public support for the change?
  • Are you willing to be held accountable for the project outcome?
  • Do you believe the project’s goals and objectives can be met?
  • Are you making timely decisions?

Be the champion. 

  • Are you ensuring the business needs are valid, correctly prioritized, and documented?
  • Are you removing roadblocks to the change?
  • Are you resolving issues and conflicts that are beyond the control of your project manager?
  • Are you communicating the benefits of the change to, and obtaining the buy-in from senior leadership?
  • Are you ensuring the appropriate resources (money and people) are committed to the project?

Focus on benefits.

  • Are people willing to use the project’s end deliverable?
  • Does the project’s end deliverable provide benefit to those using it?

Ask tough questions.

  • When should we NOT do this project?
  • When should you intervene in the interpersonal interactions?
  • When should you consider ending a project before delivery?
  • What things are we NOT doing that could contribute to success?
  • Are the constraints (time, cost, scope) realistic?
  • Are the appropriate controls in place to ensure quality in the outcome?
  • Is the team executing in a way that aligns with organizational standards, goals, and strategies?
  • Is the project manager leading the project appropriately