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Web Resources is intended to be a “hub” for website maintainers at Waterloo. Request a website. Stay informed by joining the UWweb mailing list. And, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the campus-wide web guidelines and policies that pertain to your site.

  1. Sep. 17, 2018SharePoint 2016 - new documentation and training available

    What is happening? We have new SharePoint 2016 documentation and training to share.

  2. Sep. 6, 2018WCMS website content may have been lost – September 6

    What is happening? Information added to WCMS websites on September 4 and September 5 may be lost. 

  3. Aug. 31, 2018SEW100 and SEW101 now available in LEARNSEW100 and SEW101 banner

    New WCMS courses now online!

    We are now offering both SEW100 - WCMS for Site Managers and SEW101 - WCMS Web form Creation online. Users will self-register on LEARN and our team will provide the information and resources needed to complete the course right from your desk!

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  1. Oct. 25, 2018WCMS Web Form Creation [SEW101]

    In this hands-on course we introduce the WCMS form features and guide you through creating a form, adding form components, configuring email options, and using conditionals and form validation. We'll also talk about security and privacy concerns with collecting data and how you can decide what to collect.

    Pre-requisite: WCMS for Content Maintainers [SEW099 or LEARN]

  2. Oct. 25, 2018Excel 3: Expand Your Skills [SEW132]

    Content for this course has been derived from suggestions/questions put forth from members of the University community and will include:

    • An introduction to pivot tables. How to create and use a pivot table (managing, sorting, filtering, applying rules and more).
    • Using slicers and sparklines in tables and pivot tables.
    • Create charts from a pivot table.
    • Introduction to What-If Analysis and Goal Seek
    • Graphing.
    • Using VLOOKUP with tables to find exact or approximate values.
    • Use text to speech features of Excel.

    Pre-requisite: Excel 1 or 2 or equivalent experience recommended

  3. Oct. 29, 2018Intro to Project Management [SEW138]

    The purpose of this course is to provide an introductory overview of what project management is and is not, an appreciation of why project management is important, and to discuss some of the tools used to support different phases of project management. In this interactive workshop, participants will complete activities designed to make the course practical and engaging.

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  1. Oct. 12, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 12, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week at Web Dev Rev, notes included keeping Drupal 8 modules compatible with Drupal 9, and ensuring continuous integration tests always pass (whether they should or not). We finished with a video about dynamic CSS. Click through to read the whole blog post...

  2. Oct. 5, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for October 5, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week at Web Dev Rev we noted the use of Drupal in New York's subways and what's new in WCAG 2.1, then we watched a video about Drupal 8's new media module and started a video about preprocess functions. Click through to read the whole blog post...

  3. Sep. 28, 2018Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 28, 2018WCMS Web Dev Rev

    This week at Web Dev Rev, we had a plethora of notes from the categories of "Drupal", "browsers", "colour", "CSS", and "everything else", and we still had time to watch a video about COPE in Drupal 8. Click through to read the whole blog post...

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