WCMS update for September 2019

Did you know…

… we’ve added a new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resource to help site maintainers understand how they can affect the University’s search results?

What’s happening with the WCMS?

WCMS course offerings

All WCMS courses offered throughout September and October are posted on the Web Resources website.

Drop-in lab

Regularly scheduled WCMS Drop-in lab hours have resumed. The lab is open on Tuesdays & Thursdays - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm in MC 2060.


The Drop-in lab will be closed on October 22, 24 and 29.

If you require special arrangements outside of the regular drop-in hours please contact Andrea, ajenning@uwaterloo.ca.

WCMS user experience survey

As part of an ongoing assessment of the University’s central web content management system, and to support early planning and development of WCMS 3, IST’s Web Development team conducted a WCMS user experience survey. The results of this survey will help inform prioritization of future website development as we begin to shift our focus toward building the next WCMS. More information can be found on the Building the Next WCMS website.

SEW moved to ITPD

The SEW brand has been retired, and training courses will now fall under the title IT Professional Development (ITPD).

  • ITPD courses are available under the IT Professional Development topic in Workday
  • ITPD courses will no longer be referenced by course code, but by course title (this aligns with Occupational & Human Development (OHD) course practices)
  • This change was introduced more broadly in the summer issue of the IST Newsletter and in the fall course brochure; relevant web pages have also been updated
  • Course participants will be charged $75 for each missed course unless 72 hours’ notice has been provided (this change aligns with OHD practices)

Who’s new to the WCMS…

Four more sites have launched in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) since our last update.

New on Web Resources

Development sprints:

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