WLRC Graduate Student Training Modules

WLRC Modules for Graduate Students

The WLRC offers a series of modules to support all Vision Science Graduate Students (MSc./PhD) at the School of Optometry and Vision Science. You may request to have a module run outside of the typical term schedule which is indicated in the brackets beside each module.

To request a WLRC Module to be schedule please contact, wlrc@uwaterloo.ca.

Upcoming Sessions

WLRC Module # Title


WLRC Module 1 WLRC Graduate Student Orientation  (Fall/Winter)
WLRC Module 2 Course Work and Research Support (Fall/Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 3 UW Thesis Template and Technical Skills for Writing (Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 4 Copyright, Fair Dealing and Author Rights (Spring)
WLRC Module 5 Data Gathering - Planning and Organization (Winter/Spring)
WLRC Module 6 Reviews and Systematic Searching (Fall/Spring)

Complimentary Workshops Can Taken Through the Writing and Communications Centre