Research and Writing Resources for School of Optometry Residents

The following are resources provided to the School of Optometry Residents during the Research and Writing Support Workshops.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain practical experience defining their research question or case topic, finding references in support of Evidence Based Practice, patient support, and for scholarly research and presentation.
  2. Understand their legal and ethical obligations when creating and using information. (copyright/fair use, authorship, citing and evaluating information)
  3. Use reference management systems to gather and use references.
  4. Develop writing and communication techniques applied to scholarly research and presentation.
  5. Develop techniques for effective time management for writing. (Productive Writing Habits)

Workshop Slides and Handouts

Workshop 1 - May 8th 2018

Workshop 2 - May 15th 2018

Workshop 3 - May 22nd 2018

  • Workshop Session 3 - Research and Writing for Residents Workshop - May 22nd 2018 [Slides] (.pdf)