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Welcome back to Women's Studies at Waterloo! We are always pleased to hear from former students.  Let us know how you are and what you are doing.  We are currently constructing an alumni profile page.  If you would like to appear on our website, please complete and submit our alumni update webform. You may want to include a few sentences describing your life's journey since graduating and/or how Women's Studies at Waterloo has benefited you in your career or life in general.

Alumni giving back

We really appreciate the support from our alumni and friends.  Women's Studies now offers the Sandra Burt Essay Award valued at $500 to current students as a result of donations from Women's Studies supporters.

For more information on Women's Studies

Tawnessa Carter
Women's Studies
Dept. of Philosophy
Hagey Hall room 365
University of Waterloo
519-888-4567 ext. 36886

Arts courses tackle gender issues from all angles

The Faculty of Arts is working to bring gender issues to the forefront by engaging students across a variety of disciplines. Details

Philosophy and Women's Studies  "Gender Issues" Course

Philosophy offers a course, cross-listed in Women’s Studies - Gender Issues (WS 222/PHIL 202) - that asks students to consider some of the deepest theoretical and practical questions about sex and gender.