Understanding humanity in context

From prehistoric humanity all the way to contemporary cultural diversity, anthropologists engage with a wide range of issues and phenomena that affect individual and public life.

Waterloo's Anthropology research and teaching expertise covers three major sub-fields of the discipline: socio-cultural anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and biological (physical) anthropology.

 Winter 2019 Courses

Course Code Course Title Instructor
ANTH 100 (.pdf) Introduction to Anthropology Chris Watts
ANTH201/CLAS221 Introduction to Archaeology Russell Adams
ANTH202 Social and Cultural Anthropology Jennifer Liu
ANTH 204 (LAB/LEC) (.pdf) Biological Anthropology Alexis Dolphin
ANTH 233 (.pdf) Inuit Cultures Robert Park
ANTH 300 (.pdf) Practicing Anthropology Nic Hayes
ANTH 321 Archaeology of Complex Cultures Russell Adams
ANTH 350 (.pdf) Anthropology of Gender Seçil Daǧtaș
ANTH 447 Seminar in Medical Anthropology Jennifer Liu
ANTH 455 (.pdf) Skeletal Biology and Forensics Maria Liston

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  1. July 12, 2018UW Anthropologists receive SSHRC Insight awardSouthern Jordan

    UW Anthropologists receive SSHRC Insight award

    Russell Adams, Alexis Dolphin (both from the Department of Anthropology), and Chris Yakymchuk (Earth Sciences) have been awarded a 2018 SSHRC Insight grant for their research tracing anthropogenic pollution at a 5000-year-old industrialized landscape in southern Jordan. 

  2. May 1, 2018Anthropology graduate student Emily Schaljo named scholarship recipient

    Congratulations to graduate student Emily Schaljo on receiving a prestigious Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) and a University of Waterloo President’s Graduate Scholarship (PGS).

    On behalf of the Department of Anthropology, please join us in congratulating Emily on her outstanding achievements and potential.

  3. Apr. 18, 2018CFI award for a "Social Interaction, Language and Culture Laboratory (SILC Lab)"Emma Betz, Grit Liebscher, Adrienne Lo

    Three happy researchers received a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) award to establish the University of Waterloo Social Interaction, Language and Culture Laboratory (SILC Lab). 

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