Daniel Pearl, L’OEUF architects

Thursday, October 24, 2019 6:00 pm - 6:00 pm EDT (GMT -04:00)

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Daniel Pearl is Co-founding partner of L’ŒUF (l’Office de l’Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel), which he formed with Mark Poddubiuk in 1992. Current partners include Pearl, as well as Sudhir Suri and Bernard Olivier.  The firm concentrates on sustainable architecture, urban housing, commercial and institutional projects, as well as in research, critique and theory. L’ŒUF developed its reputation particularly in sustainable and environmental architecture, and maintains an active involvement in the academic, professional and community context. L’ŒUF members, as architects, support the fact that they are stewards of a built environment that is dignified, human, pleasant, functional, sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

In recent decades across North America, Architects have been valiantly trying to defend the importance of ‘High Quality Design’,  be it with respect to the ‘Poetry of Construction-Tectonics’, the ‘Givers of Form’, or by placing increased emphasis on the Design of the ‘Public Realm’. During this same period, grass-roots community interests (be they Cultural and/or Social) have steadily risen back to the forefront, and the ‘Stewardship of the Planet’s Future’ has taken back center stage. At L’OEUF, we have been focusing on finding the intersecting ‘sweet spot’ - between diagnosing the context, listening to the people and promoting ‘Integrated Design’ through ‘The Power of Process’. Our lecture will provide insight into how we work and how we partner with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

View the Daniel Pearl lecture on YouTube.