Creation is undoubtedly the most important event in our history.

Please join us for the extensive Creation teachings shared by the important Six Nations Elder, Tehahenteh, in two four-hour morning sessions on consecutive Fridays: March 15th and April 5th, 2024.

Skywoman falls to the back of a turtle, into a watery abyss. From there, all life arises, partly with the assistance of the animals, the birth of children, the twins, and partly with the earth and the plants.

Tehahenteh will use an understanding of the Kanienkeha’:ka (Mohawk) language to explain each part of the words – providing a teaching that shares the meaning and linguistic construction of the Creation story.

This teaching is spread across two sessions.
March 15th and April 5th, 2024
9am to 1pm

Musagetes Architecture Library
UW School of Architecture

Tehahenteh, (Franklin W. Miller) colonial name, was born and raised on Six Nations by his grandparents who were fluent Mohawk speakers.

As a young man, Tehahenteh was artistic and creative which lead him to focus his high school education on Commercial Art. After graduating from Pauline Johnson Collegiate in Brantford, Tehahenteh worked as a freelance artist and designer for several years before enrolling in a Marketing program at Ryerson. Tehahenteh went on to establish his own company Totum Art and Advertising Studios, where his artistic skills were used to design graphics, develop advertising promotions, and produce end copy marketing materials.

In 1992, Tehahenteh enrolled in the Native Language Certificate program at Lakehead University. In the fall of 1992, Tehahenteh combined his two passions, Mohawk language and art and became a Mohawk immersion teacher for grades three and four. Tehahenteh taught Mohawk at Oliver M. Smith until 2004.

While he was teaching, Tehahenteh was also a learner, striving to improve his language skills and obtain more skills that would aid him in the classroom. His education continued, one of which was enrolling in the Native University Access Program at Six Nations Polytechnic. In 1994 Tehahenteh was hired by Six Nations Polytechnic as an assistant to Ima Johnson, a Mohawk Language instructor, and that position and continues to this day.

In 2006, Tehahenteh left the Mohawk program at Oliver M. Smith School and joined the teaching team at Onkwawenna Kentyohkwa, a Mohawk Adult Immersion Program. To enhance the language needs of the adult learners, the Master Apprentice Language Learning Program for Mohawk was established¸ which lasted for two years.