Research Narratives in Architecture: Quality of housing

Monday, February 27, 2023 12:40 pm - 1:25 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

What is architectural research? Unpacking a research project
A monthly lunch-hour faculty research seminar
12:40-1:25pm, free pizza provided
Format: 25-minute presentations, followed by a 20 minute Q+A
The purpose of these presentations is look under the hood at a single research project, in order to understand:

  • what the research question is,
  • what research methodologies are used,
  • how a project is funded,
  • who participates in it and how,
  • what the research findings are, and
  • how those findings are disseminated.

The objective of the seminar is to give faculty, students and staff a better sense of the breadth of research undertaken in the school, to demystify the process, and to better understand how to get involved in these projects or to start new ones.
Seminar 2: Quality of housing
Date: February 27

Waterloo Region has been experiencing a boom in the construction of high-rise condominiums, provoked by a number of factors including: the region's location within the urban agglomeration of Southern Ontario's Greater Golden Horseshoe, Canada's high immigration targets, the Region's knowledge economy, and new investments in local and regional transit that have increased urban connectivity. The rapid construction of these buildings to capitalize on their profitability, raises serious questions about their environmental and social effects. They constitute a significant percentage of building in the Region and their construction, operation and maintenance will contribute significantly to the Region's greenhouse gas emissions. These buildings are built for the growing number of tech workers in the region and they gentrify central urban areas, displacing lower-income residents, while doing nothing to address the Region's protracted crisis of homelessness. In order to better understand these problems this research team will undertake a longitudinal study of high-rise buildings built in the region in different eras of housing in order to better understand possible futures and potential failures of contemporary buildings.

This research is part of 5 year national partnership grant studying quality in the built environment, with 14 research sites across Canada. 

Faculty Research Team:
Arfa Aijazi
Mohamad Araji
Andrea Atkins
Adrian Blackwell
David Correa
Maya Przybylski