Louis Becker


People, Places and Daylight
photograph of Uppsala Concert Hall in Uppsala, Sweden

Louis Becker is Principal and Partner at HLA. He has been part of the management team since 1998 and is responsible for the company’s activities on the global market. He has been one of the driving forces behind a number of Danish and international projects from significant administrative and commercial buildings to complex masterplans. Louis has been Principal- in-Charge for prominent projects througout Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia.

As Principal-in-Charge, he has been responsible for numerous competition wins and the architectural development and managerial follow-through in subsequent phases. Louis is a driving force behind complex architectural and decision-making processes with multiple stakeholders in projects that evolve through interpersonal interfaces and stakeholder dialogue. He has particular experience providing international team leadership and visioning and stakeholder engagement in commercial projects aspiring to the high- est standards of energy efficient, modern workplaces.

Owing to his profound experience with modern sustainable building both at a conceptual level and in more detail, Louis is an internationally acclaimed speaker and lecturer. He regularly gives lectures on sustainable architecture and the incorporation of innovation and research in design processes. In addition, he has been a jury member in several international competitions as well as a member of several steering committees and advisory boards.