2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial Contributors Announced

Monday, March 18, 2019
...and Other Such Stories
Adrian Blackwell has been invited to participate in …and other such stories, the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial. http://chicagoarchitecturebiennial.org/
The biennial is curated by Yesomi Umolu (Artistic Director), Sepake Angiama and Paolo Tavares. They are focusing their process on a holistic and grassroots approach, drawing their inspiration from the history and development of Chicago’s built environment, and tracing how its issues are manifest in cities globally. Within this process, the city serves as a starting point for exploring a wide range of new approaches to tackling topics internationally, including equitable and affordable housing; land and environmental concerns; civic places of memory (such as monuments and memorials); and the role of rights and civic participation.
The Biennial will run from September 2019, to October 5, 2020, at multiple venues with the main exhibition housed in Chicago’s Cultural Center on Michigan Avenue opposite Millennium Park.
The Biennial announced a preliminary list of 40 exhibition contributors at a press conference on March 14, 2019: 

Adrian Blackwell 
Born in Toronto, Canada
Lives in Toronto, Canada

Akinbode Akinbiyi 
Born in Oxford, England – UK
Lives in Berlin, Germany

Alejandra Celedon & Nicolas Stutzin 
Celedon born in Edmonton, Canada; Stutzin born in Santiago, Chile
Both live in Santiago, Chile

Architects for Social Housing (ASH)
Founded in London, England – UK

Avijit Mukul Kishore & Rohan Shivkumar
Kishore born in Lucknow, India; Shivkumar born in Hyderabad, India
Both live in Mumbai, India

Black Quantum Futurism 
Founded in Philadelphia, USA

Borderless Studio 
Founded in Chicago, USA

Founded in Mumbai, India

Carolina Caycedo 
Born in London, England – UK
Lives in Los Angeles, USA

Center for Spatial Research 
Founded in New York, USA

Clemens von Wedemeyer 
Born in Göttingen, Germany
Lives in Berlin, Germany

Cohabitation Strategies & Urban Front 
Founded in New York, USA

Founded in Berlin, Germany

DAAR (Sandi Hilal & Alessandro Petti) 
Founded in Beit Sahour, Palestine

Detroit Planning Department 
Founded in Detroit, USA

Do Ho Suh
Born in Seoul, South Korea
Lives in London, England – UK

FICA–Fundo Imobiliário Comunitário para Aluguel 
Founded in São Paulo, Brazil

Forensic Architecture & Invisible Institute 
Founded in London, England – UK and Chicago, USA

Jimmy Robert 
Born in Guadeloupe – France
Lives in Berlin, Germany

Joar Nango
Born in Áltá/AltaÁltá, Sápmi/Northern Norway
Lives in Romssa /Tromsø, Norway

Keleketla! Library 
Founded in Johannesburg, South Africa

Maria Gaspar
Born in Chicago, USA
Lives in Chicago, USA

MASS Design Group 
Founded in Boston and Poughkeepsie, USA; Kigali, Rwanda

Ola Hassanain 
Born in Khartoum, Sudan
Lives in Khartoum, Sudan and Utrecht, Netherlands

RMA Architects 
Founded in Mumbai, India; Boston, USA

Sammy Baloji & Filip de Boeck 
Baloji born in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo; de Boeck born in in Antwerp, Belgium
Both live in Brussels, Belgium and Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Settler Colonial City Project
Founded in Ann Arbor USA and Guayaquil, Ecuador

Somatic Collaborative (Felipe Correa & Devin Dobrowolski)
Founded in New York, USA

Founded in Bucharest, Romania

Sweet Water Foundation
Founded in Chicago, USA

Tania Bruguera & Association of Arte Útil
Bruguera born Havana, Cuba
Bruguera lives in New York, USA  
Association of Arte Útil founded in Havana, Cuba

Tanya Lukin Linklater & Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
Linklater born in Alaska, USA; Shaw-Collinge born in Alberta, Canada
Linklater lives in Ontario, Canada; Shaw-Collinge lives in Alberta, Canada

Territorial Agency—John Palmesino & Ann-Sofi Rönnskog 
Founded in London, England – UK

The Funambulist 
Founded in Paris, France

Theaster Gates 
Born in Chicago, USA
Lives in Chicago, USA

Usina - CTAH 
Founded in São Paulo, Brazil

Vincent Meessen 
Born in Baltimore, USA
Lives in Brussels, Belgium

Wendelien van Oldenborgh 
Born in Rotterdam, Netherlands
Lives in Berlin, Germany

Wolff Architects
Founded in Cape Town, South Africa

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