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Congratulations to the winners of the CISC Architecture Student Design Competition 

Friday, September 28, 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the 17th annual Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) Architecture Student Design Competition 2017/2018: link

Throughout the history of the CISC Architectural Student Design Competition, two implicit, recurring themes have emerged: spanning and linking. From a Plus-15 structure to bridges, span has underpinned numerous design challenges over the years. Link has presented itself, both in the challenge to provide a connection between separate structures or landscapes, as well as providing opportunities to explore architectural links that bring people together.

The 2017-2018 Competition invites students to explore these recurring themes as an explicit challenge. “Link” challenges students to design a span that meets the primary purpose of linking disparate elements together, while at the same time, challenging students to explore what it means to “link” people together through architectural design.

Students are challenged to design a spanning structure that explores “link” on a site of the designers’ choosing. While the purpose and scale are left to the discretion of the designer, it is important to focus on what it means for us to engage and experience a “link” that connects people and disparate elements. The structural focus must utilize exposed steel as a primary structural material, but otherwise, the material palette is open. 

The Award of Excellence was granted to Salim El Filali & Amirhesam Monshi for their submission, Connecting with Clean Water.  

The Award of Merit was granted to Alexey Vasiliev & Marco Adly for their submission, American Made.

Of ten awards, eight were given to Waterloo Architecture students. Congratulations to all!

Project Title


Faculty Sponsor(s)


Connecting with Clean Water Salim El Filali & Amirhesam Monshi Terri Meyer Boake Award of Excellence
American Made Alexey Vasiliev & Marco Adly Terri Meyer Boake & Michael Maciej Bartosik Award of Merit
I feel like we’re drifting apart Elise Cloutier & Jacob Dimla Terri Meyer Boake Finalist
Auxilium Heng Sheng Cai & Cian Hrabi Terri Meyer Boake Finalist
Riding the Wave Annie Wang & Benjamin Hao Terri Meyer Boake & Michael Maciej Bartosik Finalist
Horizon Bridge Luke Kimmerer Terri Meyer Boake Finalist
Oasis Riling Cheng & Tomoki Kaneko Terri Meyer Boake & Michael Maciej Bartosik Finalist
PARALLELS Aurora Chi & Magnus Glennie Terri Meyer Boake Finalist
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