Torben Østergaard

image of 3XN project Denmark's aquarium, The Blue Planet
Torben Østergaard is a partner of 3XN, one of the leading architectural firms in Denmark. Operating at the forefront of architectural practice in northern Europe, 3XN is known for the creation of innovative buildings operating at the nexus between design, program, technology and context. The work at 3XN is highly collaborative and is dedicated to producing works that expand culture and shape the behaviour of its inhabitants in ways that encourage them to become more active and engaged with each other, as well as with architecture, the city and the surrounding environment. The work of 3XN includes projects such as: The National Aquarium/Blue Planet, winner of numerous awards such as the RIBA EU Award, the Frederiksberg Courthouse, recipient of the RIBA European Award of 2013, and the Swedbank building in Stockhom, awarded the EU Greenbuilding honour of 2014.