Math/BASE (formerly ELAS)

If you have been admitted to a Math program, you will do 1 term of BASE (formerly called English Language for Academic Studies, or ELAS). Math/BASE (formerly ELAS) students are required to be enrolled in only 1 MATH course at the University of Waterloo. You will need to log into the course selection site to make your Math course selection in mid-June. 

For our new math students, including Math/BASE, your Fall 2022 course selection will begin on June 15 from 9:00am ET (Canadian Eastern Time) and end on June 21, 2022at 4:30pm ET (Canadian Eastern Time). A course selection webinar will happen on June 13 and 14. 

Directions for credit course selection

  • You will select your Calculus course.
  • MATH 137 is the standard course for the majority of students. MATH 147 is an enriched version of the standard course. All of the students who were accepted to the Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo are exceptional students and some of you may struggle with our regular offerings of MATH 135/137. We also know that some students will not feel challenged by the regular offering and this is why we have an enriched section of these courses. 
  • Note: if you receive transfer credit for MATH 137, contact Judy Reidt to be enrolled into MATH 135 (Algebra).

You are automatically scheduled into your (BASE) Bridge to Academic Success in English courses, at Renison University College, which is located right on Waterloo's campus.

Your credit course, MATH 137 (or MATH 135 for students with a transfer credit for MATH 137) will count toward your degree.

Refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for descriptions of the courses you'll take.

BASE courses for Math programs - 1 term

Fall programs
MATH 137 Calculus 1 (or MATH 135 Classical Algebra for students with a MATH 137 transfer credit) (0.5 credit)
BASE 042 Extended Skills & Strategies for University
BASE 044 Extended Academic Writing & Research Skills
BASE 046 Effective Academic Speaking & Communication Strategies
Bi-weekly meetings with instructors
Weekly workshops and information sessions

What to expect in your credit course

In Math/BASE, you take 1 university credit course along with your BASE courses. Taking a Math course in addition to your BASE courses allows you to practice and apply speaking, writing and academic skills to help you build a strong foundation for Waterloo Math programs.

You will also earn .50 credit toward your degree when you successfully complete the Math course.

What to expect in your BASE courses