Appointment and Drop-in Booking Procedure

See IST's update on the recent student email migration to make sure you don't miss your appointment confirmation email. 

Our Career Advisors are happy to meet with you to discuss your career needs.

Booking a virtual drop-in

How to book a drop-in on WaterlooWorks:

  1. Log in to your WaterlooWorks account 

  2. Select ‘Appointments’ from the left navigation pane, then select ‘Drop-ins’ from the landing page list 

  3. Click ‘Book by appointment type’ 

  4. Choose the relevant drop-in type 

A career leader will email you further instructions on how to connect virtually. 

Booking a virtual appointment

Appointment access for employment advising

How to book an appointment on WaterlooWorks:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks to book your appointment. Once in WaterlooWorks:
  • Students, Alumni, Postdocs: select ‘Appointments’ from the left navigation pane
  • UW Employees: select ‘Appointments - UW Employees’ from the left navigation pane

and follow prompts to book your appointment.

NOTE:  Some individuals may have more than one active WaterlooWorks (WW) account.  For example, if you are an alumnus AND an active student, you will have two accounts.   Use your student account (student ID) to log into WW to book student appointments.  Use your alumni account (student id – ALUM) to log into WW to book alumni appointments. 

If you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, see more information on cancelling an appointment.

Appointment access for further education

To request more support with further education, please fill out the request for further education support form. The form will ask you questions about what kind of support you need, which program(s) you’re thinking about, and booking logistics (availability and preferences).

By filling out this form, you are requesting advising support from our further education team. We will do our best to meet your needs based on the information you provide. Please note that we cannot guarantee a one-on-one booking by filling out this form, especially on a short timeline (under two weeks). 

Appointment access for alumni and employees

Alumni: Your first 3 appointment hours are free; $40/hour for additional appointments. Full details:

Employees: As a UWaterloo staff member, faculty member, CUPE employee in a regular appointment or temporary assignment of 1 year+, you can book an unlimited number of appointments during your employment at UWaterloo.

Full details:

Attending your appointment

Please note that services have temporarily been suspended in the Tatham Centre. Centre for Career Action services are still available virtually, and co-op interviews will continue to be conducted remotely. 

After booking your appointment on WaterlooWorks, you will receive a confirmation email with more information on how to connect virtually with the career advisor.

What to bring to your appointment 

Depending on your appointment type, please have a copy of the document(s) that you would like reviewed and any other relevant information, such as the job description for the position(s) you are applying to, previous self-assessments you have completed, or other materials.

Cancelling an appointment

We understand that schedules change. If you are no longer able to attend a booked appointment, please let us know so that we can open your appointment time to support others. You can cancel your appointment up until 30 minutes before your scheduled time through WaterlooWorks, by calling the Centre for Career Action at 519-888-4047, or by emailing careers@uwaterloo.caTwo missed or uncancelled appointments will result in losing the ability to book appointments through WaterlooWorks. To resolve this, you will need to speak with one of our Client Support Representatives by contacting the Centre for Career Action at or live chat