January 2020

Understanding Your Skills and How You Can Contribute

Happy Friday everyone! It is our final day into the wellness week and today our theme will be about understanding your skills and how you can contribute to the workplace. Any job or volunteer position can show you your strengths and weaknesses through different projects. It’s important to be self-aware of your skills in order to meaningfully contribute to your work. In our last topic, we'll hear from a few students about how they have recognized their own skills in their experience.

Personal and Professional Challenges and Growth

It’s the fourth day into wellness week with CCA! Today, we (Farah and Erika) will be talking about challenges and how they have contributed to our personal and professional growth. Through trial and error, we learn a lot about ourselves; what we are good at versus what we can improve on. By overcoming certain challenges in any of our experiences, we can work towards our personal and professional growth to become the employee that we want to be! How have your experiences contributed to your own growth?

Motivation to Learn

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Farah and Erika will introduce today’s topic centered around motivation and action. Learning is not only limited to your academic career. Lifelong learning enables you to continuously adapt and grow through your experiences. What do you do to motivate yourself and to develop new skills and competencies?

How do you find ways to improve your skills? 

Balancing School

Hi everyone, we are back for the second day of wellness week! The theme for today is how students balance school and volunteer/employment. Having a balance between academics, work and personal life can be difficult. Maintaining your well-being is important, especially during stressful or busier times. Today, we’ll hear more about student experiences and how they juggle their own schedules while prioritizing self-care.

How Your Interests and Values Tie Into Your Experience

Today’s topic will be focused on how your interests and values tie into your co-op/work/volunteer experience. Contributing to work that is meaningful to you can be a driving force in what you choose to pursue. It can be helpful to consider your values when exploring potential careers of interest. In today’s topic, students share their stories in how they emphasize their own personal interests through work or volunteer experience.