Central Stores Business Plan Update Re: COVID-19

Effective: March 1, 2021

Operational hours: Monday to Friday,  7:30 am to 4:00 pm

All Receiving, Shipping, Mail Delivery/Pickup, Letter Shop, Regular Outgoing Mail Processing, Freight Delivery, Gas Cylinder Processing, Used Product Handling, Office Paper Recycling/Shredding and Digital Imaging services will resume near normal operation.

Scheduled on-campus mail delivery and pick up times will be altered to accommodate continued COVID-19 protocols and specific campus department needs.  Freight and package deliveries currently hold highest priority, to support essential services across campus.  To discuss possible service changes as need arises, email Rob Mcmurren

More News:
Central Stores now sells affordable disposable (medical) 3-layer masks in boxes of 50.  Non-medical cloth masks (pkg 5) and applicable filters (pkg 50) are also available. These masks were sourced through direction and authorization of the Safety Office. 

Masks can be purchased through the Central Stores Catalogue.

Lettershop Services-Central Stores is specifically designed to provide clients with everything they require for successful direct mail campaigns.  Our state-of-the-art lettershop equipment and quality control production flow help us minimize production time and maximize your investment.  COVID-19 has increased the need to move larger volumes of product and information to students and other university associates now learning and/or working from off-campus settings.  Lettershop Services can facilitate packaging and mailing/shipping needs, at a reasonable cost.  Email csgenasys for further information.


Mail procedures

fake, white plastic person holding red envelopeReturn address:

All mail must have your name and dept. written at the top left side of every envelope.


All 9 x 12 and larger envelopes must be sealed before sending to the mailroom.

Custom forms:

Are no longer required for first class mail.

Clearly mark your mail:

Since the mailroom does not know how quickly you require your mail piece to get to its destination, it is very important that you let us know. You can do this by writing Inter University Transit System (IUTS) on the mail you want to go via IUTS. If it is not marked IUTS we will send it first class mail and you will be charged for the postage.
Please note: IUTS mail goes out Tuesday & Thursday mornings only. So if you send over IUTS on Thursday, it will not go out until the following Tuesday. If you send IUTS over on Tuesday it will not go out until Thursday. For a list of the Ontario IUTS partners.

Sorting your mail:

Please put on-campus and IUTS together in your on-campus mail slot for pick up. Please put off-campus mail (Canadian, USA, Foreign & Stamped) in your off-campus mail slot for pick up.

Tracking mail:

Securely attach a piece of paper to your envelope with “Send XpressPost” written on it. If you like to have it traced right to the company please also state that you would like a signature. If no signature is required your mail can only be traced to the last postal outlet it was at. If you would like the tracking number and postage cost please also advise us on that piece of paper.

Call ext. 43124 or email csoutmail@uwaterloo.ca if you have any questions on outbound mail.


Registered users must fill out the necessary electronic forms from the Agile web page for preparation to ship. Accurate and complete shipping details, entered into this system, will expedite the overall shipping process. Once the electronic forms are completed, print out the "Shipping Order Barcode Ticket", securely attach the ticket to the goods and send it to Central Stores.  For information on becoming an Agile user please go to the Central Stores Shipping page.

Call ext. 46621 or email cs-shipping@uwaterloo.ca  if you have courier (shipping) questions.

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