Chapter 4: Design Submission

UW-MEMS Layout Format

Designs should be submitted in GDSII format.  Tanner L-Edit is the recommended layout software.  However, most of the other layout software tools can export to GDS format including CoventorWare.  A template for this process can be found on our website.  The layers should match the numbers posted in Table 3 of this handbook.

Please visit our website for more information:

Custom UW-MEMS Process

The CIRFE facility has capability to provide a modified version of the UW-MEMS process on a case by case basis.  Designers will be able to select thickness of materials, type of structural and sacrificial layers and number of layers.  The CIRFE facility also offers a variety of thin film metal and dielectric deposition services.

For inquiry about the CUSTOM UW-MEMS Processes, please e-mail: