The focus of the CIRFE's research activities is on emerging RF technologies. The uniqueness of the CIRFE lies in its ability to integrate various RF technologies and in its wide range of capabilities, which include research, development, modelling, design, fabrication, packaging and testing.

Current Research Interests

  • Tunable/Reconfigurable RF Devices 
  • RF MEMS Technology
  • Multiband-Multifunction RF Filters
  • CMOS-MEMS Devices for Nano Instrumentation
  • Phase Change Material (PCM) Technology
  • Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) Technology
  • Sensor Technology

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Seeing the potential of radio-frequency applications everywhere

Raafat Mansour’s efforts to secure funding for his research and to act as a catalyst for ideas is helping the next generation of Waterloo entrepreneurs bring their work to market. 

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Dr. Raafat Mansour, Director of CIRFE, Recipient of the 2014 Professional Engineers Ontario Engineering Medal for Research and Development. The medal recognizes association members who use new knowledge in developing useful, novel applications, advance engineering knowledge or applied science, or discovers/extends any of the engineering or natural sciences.

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Dr. Raafat Mansour, Director of CIRFE, briefing about research interests and collaboration with Waterloo Institute of Nanotechnology