Patents Issued

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  16. R. R. Mansour, “A Microwave Switch and Method of Operation Thereof,” US Patent, US 6,393,309, issued May 2002.
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  24. R. R. Mansour, “Dual-mode Filters using Dielectric Resonators with Apertures,” US Patent, US 05200721, issued April 1993.
  25. Twelve (12) Canadian Patents issued (2363603, 2291470, 2251517, 2203444, 2197253, 2166014, 2236395, 2136894, 2126468, 2048404, 2589697 and 2584084)

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Patents Filed

  1. L. Zhu, M. Yu, R. R. Mansour, "Multi-Band Bandpass Filter", US Patent Application No. 15/343,280. Filed: Nov 04, 2016.

  2. R. R. Mansour, K. Yang, Y. Miraftab, "Tunable Bandpass Filter," US Patent Application No. 14/962,855. Filed: Dec 08, 2015.

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