Welcome to the Centre for Integrated RF Engineering

The Centre for Integrated RF Engineering (CIRFE) was conceived through the establishment of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair on Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering in 2000 at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Waterloo.

CIRFE has a research group consisting of over 25 PhD and MASc graduate students, research engineers, and postdoctoral fellows. It houses a state-of-the-art RF test and characterization laboratory, and a clean room.

  1. Jan. 9, 2020In memory of Dr. Mojgan Daneshmand
    Mojgan Daneshmand with her family

    We sadly lost Dr. Mojgan Daneshmand, an ex-graduate of the University of Waterloo. She was one of the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash that occurred at early morning of January 8th, 2020. She passed away at the age of 43.

  2. Oct. 30, 2019Navjot Khaira and Armin Smajevic received Engineering Excellence Fellowships
    Prof. Siva Sivoththaman, Navjot Khaira, Armin Smajevic, and Prof. Raafat Mansour

    Navjot Khaira and Armin Smajevic of CIRFE received Engineering Excellence Fellowships. These fellowships are awarded to the top candidates in Engineering fields. 

    Navjot is currently holding an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS), a competitive provicial graduate scholarship. Navjot and Armin also received President's Graduate Scholarship for the duration of their fellowships.

    Congratulations Navjot and Armin!

  3. Oct. 16, 2019Tejinder Singh was awarded by CMC Microsystems for Novel Wireless Communication Solutions at mmWave
    Tejinder Singh with Brian L. Barge at CMC TEXPO 2019

    Tejinder Singh was awarded CMC’s Brian L Barge Microsystems Integration Award for “Miniaturized mmWave Chalcogenide PCM GeTe-Based Switch Matrices for Wireless and Satellite Communications Systems.” Judges praised his novel microwave switch networks, offering applications in telecommunications and consumer electronics, for its “low power, cost-effective transceiver using a modular approach, incremental solution at 67 GHz.” His presentation demonstrated contribution to every aspect of his project, including simulation, emulation,

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