Welcome to Chemistry at Waterloo

Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science” and with good reason: It is foundational in areas such as health, environmental sciences, new materials development, and nanotechnology.

At Waterloo, we offer some of the most interdisciplinary and cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate Chemistry programs in Canada, where specializations prepare you for exciting professional careers in industry, business, government, and academia. The Department of Chemistry is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality in its programs. This commitment is reflected with the teaching and research excellence of our award-winning faculty and staff.

Whatever your level, whatever your interest, we invite you to explore our programs to see for yourself what we have to offer. Consider becoming a part of Waterloo Chemistry, where teaching, mentoring, and research combine to prepare you for your career.


The Chemistry Graduate Student Society (CGSS) and Chem Club joined forces on June 14th to put on a bake sale to raise funds for Spectrum, Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space.

In just an hour-and-a-half, $500.00 was raised. Congratulations to the organizers on their success!

Thank you to everyone who showed their support, either by baking or purchasing a delicious treat!