Chemistry Seminar Series

Date Presenter Title Host
9/12/2018 Gilles Peslherbe
Concordia University
Computational Catalysis: Enzymology of Vasodilator Release and Half-Metallic Carbon Nanoparticles for Spin Catalysis P-N Roy
10/3/2018 Stephane Quideau
University of Bordeaux
Chiral Iodanes for Asymmetric Oxygen-Atom (and Carbon-Atom) transfer in Biomimetic Dearomative Transformations of Phenols G. Murphy
10/10/2018 Dan Fishlock
F. Hoffmann-La Roche
Development of the Cu(I)-catalyzed [3+2] Asymmetric Cycloaddition Process for the Manufacture of Idasanutlin E. Fillion
10/23/2018 Graham Bodwell
Memorial University
A New Strategy for the Synthesis of Small, Strained Cyclophane D. Schipper
10/26/2018 Arthur Mar
University of Alberta
High-Throughput Approaches for Discovering Thermoelectric Materials P. Jafarzadeh
11/21/2018 Philip Johnson
York University
Ligand Binding by the Cocaine-Binding Aptamer J. Liu
12/7/2018 Thomas Baumgartner
York University
Organophosphorus Avenues Toward Powerful Electron Acceptors and Self-Assembled Nanomaterials X. Wang
1/21/19 Giovanni Fanchini
Western University
Nanostructured flash memory devices based on radical polymers and carbon-based nanomaterials K.T. Leung
3/8/2019 Artur Izmaylov
University of Toronto
Role of Topological Phases in Quantum Molecular Dynamics M. Nooijen
4/24/2019 Laurent Pouységu
Université Bordeaux, France
Chiral Iodoarenes and Iodanes for Transition Metal-free Asymmetric Reactions and Total Synthesis of Natural Products G. Murphy
5/6/2019 Newman Sze
School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University
Developing bioanalytical methods to study proteins damaged by spontaneous chemical reactions in age-related diseases J. Pawliszyn
5/17/2019 Jesse Greener
Université Laval
Beyond biochemistry: combining analytical chemistry and microfluidics to study “living catalytic materials" M. Palmer
5/17/2019 Drew Woolley
University of Toronto
Adventures in protein engineering - some interesting oddities E. Meiering
6/4/2019 Jean-Luc Renaud
Université de Caen Normandie
From Hydrogenation to Alkylation: A Journey with Iron Complexes E. Fillion
6/12/2019 Arokia Nathan
Cambridge Touch Technologies
Cambridge, UK
Electronics for Organic Displays an Ultralow Power Sensor Interfaces V. Karanassios
6/21/2019 Renato Zenobi
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Noncovalent Interactions Studied by Temperature-Programmed Native ESI-MS S. Hopkins
7/22/2019 Harald Stöver
McMaster University
Cationic and Charge-Shifting Copolymers for Biomaterials Applications M. Gauthier
7/25/2019 Zhen Liu
Nanjing University, China
Advanced Molecularly Imprinted Materials for Affinity Separation, Disease Diagnosis, Single-Cell Analysis, Bioimaging and Cancer Therapy J. Pawliszyn
8/21/2019 Mikhail Zamkov
Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Colloidal Nanocrystals in Energy Transfer Reactions A. Klinkova
9/3/2019 Phillip Choi
University of Alberta
Diffusion through Free Volume Redistribution J. Duhamel
9/4/2019 Joelle Pelletier
Université de Montréal
Transglutaminase-mediated protein labelling: successes and challenges J. Honek
9/10/2019 John R. Dutcher
University of Guelph
Soft nanoparticles, hard science & the path from discovery to commercialization J. Duhamel
9/11/2019 Peter Kruse
McMaster University
Switchable Dopants on Percolation Networks of 2D Materials for Chemiresistive Sensing Applications in Aqueous Environments K.T. Leung
9/12/2019 Venkataraman Thangadurai
University of Calgary
All-Solid-State Li (Na) Batteries: Opportunities and Challenges H. Kleinke
9/17/2019 Jan K. Rainey
Dalhousie University
Unraveling atomic through nanoscale features of underexplored spider silks J. Honek
9/18/2019 Hyun Ho Kim
University of Waterloo
Two-Dimensional Magnetism and its Applications for Spintronic Devices A.W. Tsen
10/2/2019 Maureen Joel Lagos
McMaster University
A Monochromatic Atom-wide Electron Probe for Nanoscale Materials Excitations G. Sciaini    
10/11/2019 R. Scott Prosser
University of Toronto, Canada
Molecular and Mechanistic Underpinnings of Signal Transduction in Membranes - NMR Inspired Studies of the Conformational Landscape in Enzymes & GPCRs E. Meiering
10/18/2019 Amnon Horovitz
Weizmann Institute of Science
Chaperonin nano-machines: allostery and function E. Meiering
11/5/2019 Ali Alavi
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research & University of Cambridge, UK
Quantum Monte Carlo approach to the Full Configuration Interaction (FCI) problem M. Nooijen
11/22/2019 Zachary Hudson
University of British Columbia
Multiblock Nanofibers from Organic Electronic Materials G. Sciaini
11/28/2019 Thomas E. Markland
Stanford University
Harnessing the quantum mechanics of the hydrogen bond: from atmospheric science to enzyme catalysis P.-N. Roy
1/8/2020 Raed Al-Zoubi
University of Waterloo
The Development and Application of 1,2,3-Triiodoarenes in Regioselective Chemical Transformations G. Murphy
1/13/2020 Jian He
Clemson University
Entropy engineering of SnTe towards high-entropy thermoelectrics H. Kleinke
1/14/2020 Kevin Kittilstved
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Emergent Phenomena in Old Materials P. Radovanovic
1/15/2020 Jakob Magolan
McMaster University
A new ortho-allylation of phenols, enabled by alumina and inspired by antibiotic cannabinoids. G. Murphy
1/16/2020 Robert Batey
University of Toronto
Natural Product Inspired Synthetic Methods Development: Targetting Macrocycles and Alkaloids S. Taylor
1/23/2020 Sophie Rousseaux
University of Toronto
Strategies for Selective C–C and C–O Bond Cleavage in Cyclopropanols and Nitriles G. Murphy
1/29/2020 Simone Pisana
York University
Nanoscale heat transport at plasmonic interfaces and in 2D crystals G. Sciaini
3/4/2020 Don Spratt
Clark University
Structure and Mechanism of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligases G. Guillemette
3/11/2021 Steen B. Schougaard
Université du Québec à Montréal
Ion Transport in Batteries – Why Is It So Difficult ? L. Nazar

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