Undergraduate teaching assistant information

Application form

Please see the online application form to apply as a teaching assistant in the Department of Chemistry.

Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Workshop

The Department of Chemistry holds a Teaching Assistant Workshop at the beginning of the term for all graduate and undergraduate student teaching assistants. Completion of the Teaching Assistant Workshop is mandatory for all future TA assignments in the Department of Chemistry. You will only need to attend the Teaching Assistant Workshop one time and you will receive a certificate of attendance that you will need to keep as proof of attendance for future assignments.

Some of the benefits of attending this workshop are:

  • Enhance your teaching strategies to be a successful teaching assistant
  • Develop your interpersonal, leadership, and coordination skills
  • Help make your experience as a teaching assistant more enjoyable and rewarding

Please note that attendance at the Teaching Assistant Workshop is restricted to those who have been chosen for a TA assignment.

Undergraduate student requirements for a teaching assistantship

Students applying for a Teaching Assistantship (TA) position must have previously taken the course they wish to TA or have the equivalent TA experience.  Students must be in good academic standing in the term prior to the start of the TA.

If you are chosen to TA, and you have not previously attended the Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Workshop, you must attend the next Teaching Assistant Workshop before you can begin your teaching assistantship. This workshop is mandatory to hold a TA.

Safety training

All TAs must complete online safety training prior to the start of their TA term. The following online safety training must be completed and proof of such supplied to your TA supervisor:

• WHMIS 2015 for Staff
• General Lab Safety
• Staff Safety Orientation
• Supervisor Safety Awareness
• Workplace Violence Awareness

If required, you may be asked to complete additional safety training.  

Confirmation of a teaching assistant position and salary information

If you have been chosen to receive an offer for a teaching assistant position, you will be contacted by e-mail before the start of the term. Please note that only those who are chosen for a position will be contacted.

TAs will be paid for 60 hours per term at a rate of $16 per hour plus 4% vacation pay.