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Shannon HartlingShannon Hartling has a PhD in English (2003) and an MA and BA in English from the University of Waterloo.

Her academic interests include the history and theory of rhetoric, cultural studies, ethics, aesthetic theory, and body studies.  She has written about the moral implications of polite language in depictions of death in sermons and novels, and she has delivered several conference papers reflecting her research into the social functions and abuses of polite language.  She is interested in public and interpersonal communication and the function of language in creating community, particularly in difficult contexts.  Shannon coordinates the Leadership and Communication course, SPCOM 111. She has been teaching at the University of Waterloo since 1995.

Courses Taught

  • SPCOM 100--Interpersonal Communication
  • SPCOM 111--Leadership and Communication
  • SPCOM 228--Public Communication
  • SPCOM 432--Conflict Management
  • SPCOM 475 -- Communication Ethics 
University of Waterloo

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