David Janzen (on leave)


David Janzen with child


David Janzen’s teaching and research takes an interdisciplinary approach to environmental and science communication, cultural and decolonial studies, and crisis theory.

His current project “Soil as a relational media” examines the ways in which social and natural processes interact and remain embedded in soil and land. This interdisciplinary project is a collaboration with scientists and indigenous communities to analyze geological histories of land, human-environment relations, and indigenous histories of place. Through this analysis, it aims to build more sustainable and decolonial understandings of soil. This project is funded by a Canada Tri-Council New Frontiers in Research Fund—Exploration Grant.

Janzen has published and presented work in the fields of cultural and indigenous studies, crisis theory, aesthetics, and environmental communication. He is also a poet and writer. His chapbook Nature: Nurture (Baseline Press, London) is out in Spring 2021.

Sample publications:

2020  “The Ambivalence of Crisis,” English Studies in Canada 44.2.

2018  “Subject to a New Law: Historicizing Rights and Resistance in Mayan Anti-Mining Activism,” Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 25.1.

2018  Janzen, D. and I. Hussey, “What the Paris Agreement Means for Alberta's Oil Sands Majors,” Parklands Institute. ISBN: 978-1-894949-58-3

2017  “Energy Demo(s): Rhythmanalysis of Extraction and Environment,” Public: Art/Culture/Ideas, 55: 103-108.

2017  “Potential Unfettered: Narrative transformation as Historical Transition in Ulysses,” ESC: English Studies in Canada 43.1-2.

2014  “Poverty/Line: Aesthetic and Political Subjects in Santiago Sierra’s ‘Line’ Photographs,” Evental Aesthetics Journal 2.4.

Courses taught:

SPCOM 490: Media and Environment

SPCOM 431: Crisis Communication

SPCOM 399: Communication Inquiry

SPCOM 223: Public Speaking

SPCOM 193: Communication in the Sciences

ARTS 130: Environment & Communication