Information for parents

How does COMPASS benefit your child?

When your child completes the COMPASS survey each year, both you and your child are helping to create healthier schools.

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COMPASS is the first study in Ontario, Canada, and the world to survey secondary school students annually as they progress through Secondary school, measure a wide variety of their health behaviours, and track any changes made to health related policies and programs that occur at their schools.

The COMPASS project is unique from other surveys in that the data will be used to produce a School Health Profile for your child's school. This report will show how many students at your child's school:

  • eat well
  • are active
  • smoke
  • use alcohol and/or marijuana
  • are bullied
  • use e-cigarettes
  • engage in excessive screen time
  • are mentally healthy and
  • feel connected to their school

The School Health Profile is intended to help school administrators make informed, evidence-based decisions about health promotion programming.

Finally, unlike other surveys, our team will link your child's school with local public health professionals who will help turn the results from the School Health Profile into positive action.

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What do you need to do?

Details about when the COMPASS survey will be administered at your child's school will be provided by either a parent information letter sent home, voicemail or bulletin on your school's website. This information will contain instructions about how to provide permission for your child to participate.

By granting permission for your child to participate in our survey each year they are in high school, you will allow us to help make your child's school environment the healthiest it can be.

All students at the school will complete the survey within a two week time frame, either individually or during class time, depending on direction from school administration. 

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