Youth engagement

COMPASS has recently partnered with students across Canada to enhance youth voice, engagement, and co-creation in our research. As key knowledge users, the COMPASS team has recognized an important opportunity to share results in a manner that is digestible for youth by authentically engaging them within the research and knowledge mobilization process. The overall objectives of this youth engagement project are to enhance youth voice within COMPASS and disseminate COMPASS results to youth using youth-friendly channels and a youth engagement approach. Visit our Instagram to see the most recent content that has been created by our youth engagement team! 

Ann Sony

Name: Ann Sony 

Role: Knowledge Mobilization Youth Leader

Brief description: I recently graduated high school and will be attending Western University for their Medical Sciences program this year. My favourite subjects in school are biology and physics! In school, I am a member of student council and peer tutor in math/sciences. Aside from school, I love to read and work as a part-time student page at the Niagara Falls local library.

What does the COMPASS project mean to me? I decided to join COMPASS to get involved with understanding youth research relevant to myself and to my peers. It was great to work with a group of like-minded and creative youth to find methods to communicate research in a way that would appeal to youth nationwide.

Parsa Razeghi

Name: Parsa Razeghi

Role: Knowledge Mobilization Youth Leader

Brief description: I am a first-year undergraduate student in the Health Sciences program at McMaster University. At school, I have always been passionate about staying involved in student government, planning and organizing events, and finding ways to give back to the community. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, working out, writing poetry, and watching sports.

Why did I join COMPASS? My love for physical exercise and overall health drew me to join the COMPASS project and assist in informing fellow youth on the effects of sleep, physical activity, body image, and other variables on their mental health.

Egan Henderson

Name: Egan Henderson

Role: Knowledge Mobilization Youth Leader

Brief description: I completed a BSc in Game Programming from Brock University and an Advanced Diploma in Game Development from Niagara College. I am now entering a master's in Cultural Studies program at Trent University, focusing on gender in games. I have a long history of working with youth engagement committees to find the best way of mobilizing youth-centric data to youth. I enjoy playing and creating music as part of my band and the same goes for video games in my spare time.

Why did I join COMPASS? My involvement on the Brock Youth Engagement Committee led me to join the COMPASS project in order to continue furthering my skills in knowledge mobilization along with ensuring that youth are made aware of the data gained from studies that pertain to them.

Salony Sharma

Name: Salony Sharma

Role: Knowledge Mobilization Youth Leader

Brief description: I am  currently a high school senior in Niagara Falls. As a student, I understand the value of equipping youth with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health. Fascinated by the broad scope of the COMPASS Study, I am interested in social media’s potential to bridge the gap between students and COMPASS data. Aside from COMPASS, I strive to further my passion for student wellbeing through my work at Niagara Region Public Health and as the Student Trustee for the District School Board of Niagara. During my spare time, I enjoy playing piano, catching up with my friends, and going hiking.

Sarah Chan

Name: Sarah Chan

Role: Knowledge Mobilization Youth Leader

Brief description: I am a third-year accounting student at Brock University. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, data analytics and advocating for mental health/wellbeing. During my free time, I enjoy baking, playing frisbee and travelling. 

What does the COMPASS project mean to me? The COMPASS project to me means being able to share reliable study findings regarding youth health across Canada and ensuring that appropriate data and resources are accessible to everyone. 

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