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Active Kids – full-body conditioning exercises

This resource provides ten full-body conditioning exercises for students interested in sports, or students simply looking to get and remain active. The website provides video demonstrations of ten exercises which are meant to be completed in succession and can be done anywhere as they require no equipment.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation – fitness videos

These fitness videos consist of four two-minute videos featuring professional basketball and soccer athletes who demonstrate various activities that can be done by students alone or in pairs. These activities can be incorporated in a classroom setting or be shared with students interested in basketball or soccer. In addition, the COVID-19 resource page features evidence-based resources designed to support educators and students in reducing stress, eating healthy, moving regularly, getting quality sleep, and more. These resources are suitable for both in-person and virtual learning environments.

American Heart Association – home workout circuit

This home workout circuit infographic can be used by students to build their own workouts at home or school. Students can choose three to four cardio exercises and three to four strengthening exercises that are to be done in short bursts of 30 seconds each, for a total of three minutes. This custom circuit is then to be repeated two to three more times. 

ParticipACTION – build your best day

ParticipACTION is a non-profit organization that aims to make physical activity a part of every Canadian’s life. Build Your Best Day is an interactive web tool where students can select from a list of activities to build their best day profile and have it compared to the Canadian-24 Hour Movement Guidelines in a fun way. In addition, at-home custom workout videos were designed to help stay physically active at home or anywhere else. Read the Family Influence 2020 report card (Pdf) to learn about the role of the family in the physical activity and sedentary behaviours of children and youth.

Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canadaphysical education activities

The physical education activities have been designed to support children and youth in both the at-home and in-school learning environments in developing, acquiring, and learning the following important competencies: move, think, feel, and act. All activities are available for free as print-friendly activity cards. Scroll down to grade seven to 12 to get started.

PlaySportphysical activity data base

PlaySport offers a searchable database where diverse activities suitable for different age groups can be found. In-depth instructions on how to setup and conduct various fun games promoting physical activity and overall student well-being are provided. Elbow to elbow and fitness card fun are two individual pursuit activities suitable for intermediate (13-15 years) and senior students (16-18 years) and are meant for the classroom but can also be incorporated into remote learning. Both activities require open areas and limited equipment that is readily available such as poster paper and markers.

World Health Organization – stay physically active during self-quarantine

This resource aims to promote physical activity for individuals quarantining or self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tips include taking short active breaks during the day, following an online exercise class, walking, standing up, and relaxing. Moreover, a set of simple home-based exercises with pictures and instructions are provided.

YMCA – fitness videos

These free virtual at-home fitness videos are geared towards all fitness levels and can be completed with minimal equipment at home or school. Not sure which one to choose or where to start? Go to the YMCA YouTube channel where the videos are split into different playlists (i.e., health and wellbeing series, children and youth workouts, fitness challenges) to choose the workout best suited for you.

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Ever Active Schools

Ever Active Schools is a registered national charity designed to create and support healthy school communities. This charity engages and supports schools through a variety of methods such as professional development opportunities, annual events, grant-funded projects, and developing and sharing resources. All of their work follows the Comprehensive School Health framework, which addresses health and education goals to improve the social outcomes of children and youth in Alberta.

Be Fit For Life

Be fit for life is a network comprised of regional centres, located in Colleges and Universities across Alberta. The network works to inspire, educate, and support Albertans to lead healthy and physically active lifestyles. Explore the physical literacy workshops offered to educators and check out the resources for ideas to encourage physical activity among students.

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CIRA Ontariogames to keep you going during COVID-19

Although these resources are usually available for purchase, CIRA Ontario is providing a handful of games and videos for free to help youth stay physically active during the COVID-19 pandemic. Games are meant to be played in the safety of the students’ homes and combine common household items to create a fun experience for students. The resource contains demonstration images, instructions, and modification tips to keep the games engaging and fun. 

Middlesex-London Health Unitschool health daily announcements

School health daily announcements are familiar intercom announcements that offer a way to set the tone for the day. These health-related announcements aim to increase awareness of various health topics. Different announcements related to physical activity and sedentary behavior can be found on the website.

Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (Ophea) – Hands Up teaching tools

Hands Up is a free, online, resource to be used by educators to promote health and physical literacy. Hands Up is a free three-part video series for teaching children and youth the importance of physical and health literacy in a way that’s fun and engaging. Ophea also offers resources for heath and physical education at home that can be used by parents and educators. These resources consist of a wide range of simple activities with health and physical education content to help youth stay healthy and active at home or school.

British Columbia

Dedicated Action for School Health (DASH)

DASH is a registered charity that collaborates with schools and other partners to create, facilitate and support school communities to be optimal places for health and learning through a Comprehensive School Health approach. DASH offers a variety of professional development workshops and webinars for educators and school districts. It also features different resources (i.e., infographics for students, lesson planning for educators) on topics such as active living, mental well-being, physical literacy, substance use, and comprehensive school health. Navigate the physical literacy lesson plans for different grades.  

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