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Drug Free Kids Canada – youth and vaping

Drugs Free Kids Canada is an organization that educates, engages, and empowers parents, caregivers, educators, and care professionals by providing them with up-to-date information, resources, and tools to prevent and reduce the harms of problematic drug use by youth. These resources are categorized into prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery. The Youth and Vaping page provides information on the appeal of vaping, concerns surrounding vaping, risks of using cannabis while vaping, and how to talk to youth about vaping.

CATCH My Breath

CATCH My Breath Canada is a youth vaping prevention program designed for students in grade six to nine. This evidence-based program provides up-to-date information to educators, parents, and health professionals, for a fee, that helps to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices. See the CATCH My Breath information flyer (Pdf) and Parent Resources for more information on this program.

Health Canada - Consider The Consequences

Consider The Consequences features a variety of resource to raise awareness about vaping and its consequences. The vaping awareness tour travels across Canada to educate teens on the facts about vaping so they can make an informed choice. The consequences online activities educate teens about exposure to vaping chemicals and their impact on health. Share and post vaping facts sheets and posters on health risks of vaping for teens in your school events and communication walls.

Not An Experiment

The Not An Experiment website provides information about vaping industry, vaping health effects, and COVID-19 and vaping using an interactive platform. On their homepage, readers can learn about vaping, the vape parts, the vaping process, the main ingredients of vape juice, and how to tell if someone is vaping. Three videos on vaping health risks are also featured. In addition, this website provides a list of free, downloadable resources and a game for educators. Students can also create and download their quit plan using the plan your quit webpage.


Quash, developed by the Lung Health Foundation, is a free mobile app designed to help youth quit smoking or vaping. The app empowers users to quit smoking or vaping by allowing them to design their customized quit plan based on their goals, personality, values, interests, and products used. The Quash interface also allows users to track their cravings and earn badges when goals are reached. The Lung Health Foundation also offers a free facilitator training course for adults interested in delivering the Quash youth smoking and vaping cessation program.

Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization that shares facts about smoking, vaping, and nicotine and aims to reduce their use among youth. The vaping and COVID-19 resource presents risks and possible harms associated with vaping during the pandemic. Quit together is a live video series on TikTok sharing the journey of three influencers who quit vaping with the support of This is Quitting and their followers to show that when someone quits vaping, they do not have to do it alone.

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Alberta Health Services – let’s talk vaping: social media toolkit

The Alberta Health Services google drive folder features a social media plan aimed to raise awareness about vaping and the harms associated with it. This social media plan, displayed on an excel spreadsheet, includes 20 images and their corresponding post texts that can be posted on social media platforms or school websites. Each post text contains a link to additional informational resources.


The Ontario Tobacco Research Unit – Stop Vaping Challenge App

Stop Vaping Challenge app, available for Apple iOS and Android devices, provides a venue for youth to reflect on their vaping behaviours and patterns in a fun, social way that encourages quitting with friends. The concept of a challenge is derived from an “abstinence challenge” wherein youth are encouraged to try to stop vaping for as long as they can with the help of a timer within the app tracking seconds, minutes, and hours. Key features of the app include a dedicated tab for inviting friends, tracking mood and cravings, recording photo and video memories, and finding appropriate local resources on quitting vaping.

British Columbia 

Dedicated Action for School Health (DASH)

DASH is a registered charity that collaborates with schools and other partners to create, facilitate and support school communities to be optimal places for health and learning through a Comprehensive School Health approach. DASH offers a variety of professional development workshops and webinars for educators and school districts. It also features different resources (i.e., infographics for students, lesson planning for educators) on topics such as active living, mental well-being, physical literacy, substance use, and comprehensive school health. Navigate the vaping infographics and consider sharing them your students.  

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