In order to receive a MASc degree in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering you must complete all of your program's degree requirements. These requirements typically include the completion of 5 courses, a research seminar milestone, and a thesis milestone. For a complete list of your program's degree requirements you should consult the Graduate Academic Calendar for the term in which you were admitted.

Note: Collaborative programs (i.e. Nano and Quantum) may have other specific degree requirements.

This document serves as a simplified step-by-step guide to the MASc degree completion process. It will review the steps required to complete your Seminar and Thesis Milestones. After reading this document, if you have any additional questions, you should contact the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor. For assistance in determining thesis completion timelines please consult the Degree Completion/Defence Date Planner or the Engineering Degree Completion Deadlines webpage.



**If you have already completed your seminar you may disregard this section**

  1. The seminar is completely separate from your thesis and can be completed at any time before your final submission to UWSpace
  2. When you are ready to book your seminar, e-mail the the title and abstract of your seminar, the date and time you wish to have it, if it will be held online or in person, as well as the names of the attending faculty members to your MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor. They will then confirm the details via e-mail.
  3. Your supervisor and at least one other faculty member must attend your seminar.
    • If you have two supervisors both must attend the seminar.
    • The attending faculty member does not have to be one of your readers.
  4. On the day of your seminar your supervisor and attending faculty member will receive an email indicating that they must approve the seminar milestone via a web link that is provided.
  1. When your thesis is ready to be read, e-mail the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor the names of your three readers and the title of your thesis.
    • If you have two supervisors, they both must read the thesis, but only count as one reader.
    • Your second readers must be from the ECE Department. Your third reader may be from outside the ECE Department, but must be familiar with your thesis topic.
  2. Next, you fill out the MASc Thesis Submission form and email it to your MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor.
  3. Once this form has been submitted, you will apply to graduate on Quest.
  4. You will need to give a copy of your thesis to each of your readers, and they must sign your Thesis Submission Form to confirm they have received it.
    • Your readers can have a soft copy of your thesis if they prefer this to a hard copy.
    • An e-mail from your readers confirming they have received your thesis is an accepted substitute for their signature.
    • If you need to make your thesis confidential, notifiy the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor.
  5. The final Thesis Submission Form (with approval signatures or email confirmations) and a soft copy of your thesis must be sent to the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor.
    • Once your thesis has been submitted, it will be put on a mandatory three-week display period. It is during this three-week display period that your readers will review your thesis and prepare their feedback.
    • Please follow the degree completion deadline guide on the EGSO website for more details.
  6. The Engineering Graduate Office Masters Program Coordinator will send an email containing the Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form, as well as the final date of the three-display period.
  1. After reading your thesis, your readers will provide you with feedback and revisions. Once any revisions requested have been completed to their satisfaction, take your Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form to each of your readers for them to sign, indicating that they have given you their feedback and the final copy of your thesis is ready for upload to UWSpace.
    • An e-mail from your readers confirming they have approved the final version of your thesis is an accepted substitute for their signature.
    • Readers must have read your thesis and provided feedback by the end of the three-week display period, but time for completion of revisions is in addition to the three weeks. This means that your readers might not be signing off on your Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form until a week or two after your display period has ended.
  2. Ensure to complete the embargo sectin of the Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form to indicate the length of the embargo (if any).
  3. Once your supervisor(s) have signed off on your revisions, you return the Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form to the MASc Program Coordinator/Advisor, and they will process it and send it to the Engineering Graduate Office.
  1. When the completed Department Approval of MASc Thesis Form is received by the Engineering Graduate Office, they will issue a Faculty Acceptance Notice for your thesis, which will be sent to your UW e-mail.
    • You cannot upload to UWSpace until you have obtained this e-mail.
  2. Once you have received the Faculty Acceptance Notice, you can upload your final thesis to UWSpace (not before).
  3. UWSpace may require you to make revisions to the formatting of your thesis, so check your UW e-mail regularly after you submit for any feedback they might send.
    • Formatting guidelines for theses can be found on the GSO website
  4. When your thesis has been accepted, you will be notified by e-mail.
  5. Only when your thesis has been accepted to UWSpace will you be considered done.
  1. Upon your acceptance to UWSpace, you will need to clean out your office and return your keys to the Facilities Coordinator.
  2. Prepare for Convocation