Master of Engineering (MEng) Co-op

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A Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Co-op Program enables students to combine graduate studies with work experience. This program fosters professional development, networking and new collaborations while enhancing employment opportunities after degree completion.

Program Overview

  • Students must complete 8 courses.
  • Full-time registration is required.
  • The program length is 16-20 months depending on how many co-op (work) terms are completed.
  • Students can choose to complete 1 or 2 co-op terms. Students must complete a minimum of 1 co-op term but may complete 2 co-op terms provided they are consecutive terms and the placement is with the same employer. The program must start and end on an academic term.
    • Students who do not find a co-op placement will be switched back to the regular M.Eng. program.
  • A milestone Work Term Report (WTR) must be submitted to the Department for credit by the end of the first week of the term, following your co-op term. For example, if you completed your co-op term in the Spring, your WTR must be submitted by the end of the first week of the Fall term.
  • As part of the M.Eng. degree, we offer our students the opportunity to specialize in specific areas and earn a specialization in addition to their M.Eng. degree. Courses taken towards a M.Eng. specialization will also be counted towards your degree requirements.
  • Students in the co-op program are encouraged to complete COOP 601 Career Success Strategies, in the academic term prior to the first work term. 
  • This is a highly competitive program and there will be a limited number of spots available each term. Therefore, if interested in both programs, we highly suggest that applicants apply to BOTH the regular M.Eng. program, as well as the M.Eng. Co-op program to increase their chances of success.

Note:  M.Eng. students do not have a supervisor, nor do they receive financial assistance (unless on a paid co-op term). M.Eng. students are expected to be entirely self-funded. As well, new and current students in the regular M.Eng. program will not be able to transfer into the M.Eng. Co-op program.

Admission requirements

  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Science or equivalent degree (4 year)
  • Applying with domestic credentials:
    • A minimum 75% overall standing in the last two years of a four-year Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Applying with international credentials:
    • A minimum 75% overall standing in a four-year Honours Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Documents required

Note: Graduate Records Examination (GRE) scores are not an application requirement for our graduate program, but can be submitted as part of your application package.

Application deadlines

Begin your application at least two weeks prior to the deadlines below to give your referees enough time to submit references on your behalf, and to ensure you have enough time to upload the documents required.

All applicants have the same deadline whether they are international (study permit), Canadian, or a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Application submission is currently open for the following start dates:

Start date

Complete your application by

Fall 2024 (September 1, 2024)


Winter 2025 (January 1, 2025)

June 1, 2024

Spring 2025 (May 1, 2025)

October 1, 2024

Fall 2025 (September 1, 2025)

February 1, 2025

ALL required documents must be uploaded by the deadline date. We recommend you upload your documents within two weeks of receiving your Waterloo ID Number so we can begin reviewing your application package.

Note: Admission decisions are not made on a first-come first-served basis.


Please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) web page which answers many common questions regarding admission into an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate program. 

For any questions not answered on the FAQ page, e-mail the admissions coordinator. If you have submitted an application, please remember to include your 8-digit Waterloo ID Number in all correspondence.

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